Our future

Coast and vines about us our future 1
We believe the future for the church is exciting! We live in an incredible move of God that is sweeping across the world at this time, a move that is transforming whole communities and changing nations. We as a local church in Willunga are a part of this move.

We believe God has amazing things in store for Coast and Vines Church. We understand that God has called us to be a church that follows after Him, a church that pursues Him in faith and obedience empowered by His amazing grace!

We know that God has called us to be a people of influence, a people who are creative, passionate and genuinely practical in caring and loving those whom Jesus connects us to.

We believe God has called us to be a church that is prophetic and apostolic in nature. Our call is to gather people to be restored, encouraged, loved Coast and vines about us our future 2and trained; to fulfil all God has called them to. We are called to be a church that is balanced, full of the Holy Spirit, led by the Holy Spirit, and following after the purposes of Him who called us.

We believe we will see more and more of the miraculous power of God made manifest in the church and in the community as we continue to pursue God and the biblical patterns He has provided us.

A culture of honour and respect raised up in the church will be integral in seeing the miraculous become our normal experience. Such a culture of honour will have great and far-reaching impact and influence in our community and beyond.

The future is incredible; we understand that whilst there is great sacrifice in serving God there is no greater joy and purpose in life. As we follow Jesus and minister selflessly to those in need we step into the abundant life that He promised us. How blessed it is to live for so great a cause!