Resources – Preaching – 2017


Date Who Title
24-Dec-2017 Tim Coleman Trusting God’s plan
17-Dec-2017 Rod Dowie Partnership
10-Dec-2017 Rod Dowie Faith
03-Dec-2017 Lee-Anne Munro The power of our words
26-Nov-2017 Rod Dowie Philippians – Ponder (part 2)
19-Nov-2017 Ashlea Dowie Love
12-Nov-2017 Rod Dowie Philippians – Ponder
05-Nov-2017 Rod Dowie Philippians – Provision
29-Oct-2017 Rod Dowie Philippians – Pursuit
22-Oct-2017 Rod Dowie Philippians – Presence, His Presence (That’s where the joy is)
15-Oct-2017 Stephen Sjoerdsma Identity
08-Oct-2017 Rod Dowie I am with you
01-Oct-2017 Rod Dowie Philippians – Partnership
24-Sep-2017 Stephen Sjoerdsma
17-Sep-2017 Eugene Bognar Servanthood (At the 22:15 mark the microphone stopped working – approx 2 minutes were missed)
10-Sep-2017 Joel Munro Tension and surrender
03-Sep-2017 Eugene Bognar
20-Aug-2017 Eugene Bognar
13-Aug-2017 Lee-Anne Munro Generosity
08-Aug-2017 David Fechner Romans 12
30-Ju1-2017 Matt Prater Are you following God’s call for our life?
16-Ju1-2017 Josiah Dowie The love of the Father
09-Ju1-2017 Rod Dowie Confidence – Part 2
02-Ju1-2017 Youth Service
25-Jun-2017 Rod Dowie Confidence
18-Jun-2017 Stephen Sjoerdsma Healing
11-Jun-2017 Joel Munro The Bible – Is it relevant?
04-Jun-2017 Rod Dowie Pursuit
28-May-2017 Rod Dowie Legacy – Part 2
21-May-2017 Rod Dowie Legacy – Part 1
20-May-2017 Rod Dowie & Errol Meaney 10th Birthday Celebration
14-May-2017 Rod Dowie
07-May-2017 Joel Munro Ecclesiastes
23-Apr-2017 Rod Dowie
16-Apr-2017 Rod Dowie Easter Sunday
09-Apr-2017 Rod Dowie Courage
02-Apr-2017 David Busby Lean into
26-Mar-2017 Rod Dowie Put out into deep water
19-Mar-2017 Rod Dowie What are we here for? – Building God’s house
12-Mar-2017 Rod Dowie What are we here for? – Authenticity #NoFilter
05-Mar-2017 Eugene Bognar
26-Feb-2017 Tim O’Neill
12-Feb-2017 Joel Munro Am I there yet?
05-Feb-2017 Rod Dowie What are we here for? – Living out the power that is inside us
15-Jan-2017 Stephen Sjoerdsma