Resources – Preaching – 2018


Date Who Title
02-Dec-2018 Elliot Dowie Kingdom cultures
02-Dec-2018 Sam Whittaker Rest
25-Nov-2018 Rod Dowie Overcoming inertia
11-Nov-2018 Rod Dowie Overcoming fear
04-Nov-2018 Rod Dowie Vision (powerpoint)
28-Oct-2018 Lee-Anne Munro Humility (powerpoint)
21-Oct-2018 Joel Munro Finding your edge (powerpoint)
14-Oct-2018 Rod Dowie Doing a great work
07-Oct-2018 David Fechner How’s your Hope? (powerpoint)
23-Sep-2018 Rod Dowie Ecclesiastes
09-Sep-2018 Rod Dowie Ecclesiastes
09-Sep-2018 John Ewers
09-Sep-2018 Louise Fechner Communion
02-Sep-2018 Rod Dowie Ecclesiastes
19-Aug-2018 Rod Dowie Ecclesiastes
12-Aug-2018 Stephen Sjoerdsma Forgiveness
05-Aug-2018 Rod Dowie Baptism
29-Jul-2018 Josiah Dowie Knowing Jesus
22-Jul-2018 Phillip Mutzelburg Life long learning
08-Jul-2018 Rod Dowie
01-Jul-2018 Rod Dowie Who told you that?
24-Jun-2018 Rick Paynter Values and principles for our life
17-Jun-2018 Errol Meaney What do you smell like?
10-Jun-2018 Rod Dowie Who told you that?
20-May-2018 Rod Dowie
13-May-2018 Paul Whittaker
29-Apr-2018 Rod Dowie
22-Apr-2018 Joel Munro
08-Apr-2018 Stephen Sjoerdsma
01-Apr-2018 Rod Dowie The Resurrection
18-Mar-2018 Rod Dowie
11-Mar-2018 Steve Dalton
25-Feb-2018 Lee-Anne Munro Posture yourself to Listen
18-Feb-2018 Rod Dowie Culture shift – Taking risk
14-Jan-2018 David Fechner What to do when you don’t know what to do
07-Jan-2018 Rod Dowie Mission Possible